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Info Post


I've gradually switched over to a semi-friends only format, where personal entries are friends only and only fics and graphics are public and as I've been adding new friends recently, I've come to realize how beneficial one of these info posts might be lol.

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~* Updated on May 23, 2013 *~

If we've got some stuff in common and you'd like to be friends, go ahead and add but first please comment here letting me know what interests and/or fandoms we share, and then I'll be happy to add you back.
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Anybody out there? Debating bringing this back to life. Obviously I have a lot of overhauling to do if I go ahead with that plan. Do people still use LJ? Like is this still a thing? lol.
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Round 21 - TVcrush20in20

My icons of The Mentalist for round 21 of tvcrush20in20.


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Question: Is anyone else having problems adding gif userpics? I just tried to add one now and it took me to this weird editing page it's never taken me to before, and then it added the icon but it wasn't animated anymore. Photoshop said 29.8kb so it shouldn't be a size problem. Thoughts?