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Randomness + LJ Meme

1. So I went back to brunette today. Not happy, but I couldn't afford blonde anymore. I just feel weird with dark hair. I feel like it looks fake on me cuz I'm so pale. My mom says I look too washed out when I'm blonde, but most naturally blonde people are fair, so I feel like it makes me look normal, where I feel like I look sick or something with dark hair because it makes me look unnaturally pale. She only used semi-permanent colour though so that it'll fade out some, cuz she knew I didn't want it very dark.

2. Last night was epic fangirl overload. At the end of DWTS I spazzed when they said Delta's name, and then Castle was starting and I spazzed about that, and then Born This Way started playing and I died lol. My 3 favourite things in a span of like 30 seconds, it was too much for my little fangirl brain. I was literally physically shaking I was so excited lol.

3. DELTA ON DWTS NOW!!!! *dies* omg so excited. The duet was gorgeous. She stood in for Adele on one song at the last minute too so YAY!!! She's so cute lol I love her. God I wish DWTS filmed in NYC so I could be there to cheer her on. I miss her so much. It's so good to see her on American TV again though!!! I miss her so much ♥. I can't believe it's been 1 1/2 years since I saw her in person and 2 1/2 years since I last hugged her and spoke to her face to face.

4. LJ based meme:

How did you come to start your LJ?
nicole_nut was telling me about icontests she did on here and I thought it sounded like fun and I wanted to try too so I decided to make an account.

How did you find your first friends?
Mostly people I knew from the Nicole Kidman fansite, fanfiction.net, that kind of thing. Then I joined some groups on here and made some new friends.

Are those first friends still on your FL?
If they still have an account, yes. I very rarely do friends cuts and I'm sentimental lol so even if they didn't use their account anymore I wouldn't take them off my list.

How long have you been on LJ?
I had to go check my profile lol. Apparently I got this account at the end of 2007.

Do you have more friends or communities on your FL?
Comms lol I'm in WAAAAY too many. I should really go through them all and reasses whether or not I really need to be there lol.

What do you like in an LJ friend?
I like to have at least one fandom in common, if we have a ship for that fandom in common that's even better. And I like someone who comments. This is pretty much the only place I post my fanart for feedback and usually when I post personal entries, it's when I'm really upset about something and I need support from friends who aren't involved with the RL situation I'm talking about.

What do you dislike?
Anyone openly anti-GaGa and posts anti-GaGa things. I can't deal with that lol. Not acceptable.

What would make you un-friend someone immediately?
Homophobia, bullying, ripping on GaGa. I mean, you don't have to think she's God's gift to music and art (even though she is lol) but she's very important to me so it hurts me to see people tear her apart, especially since most of the time they're just not accurately understanding her.

Have you been caught up in a lot of LJ drama?
Not really. A bit here and there, but not too much.

Do RL friends and family members know you have a journal on LJ?
Some know OF my lj, but I don't give it out and all non-fanart posts are friends only. This is my place to come and vent about my offline life, so it's easier to keep it restricted to online friends.

Do you also have Facebook and if so, what do you prefer – LJ or FB?
I do have FB. It's kind of hard to compare because I use them for completely different things. Like, if I had to pick I guess I would say FB cuz I like the games and stuff and more of my friends have it so I can keep in touch with more people, but I don't post blog-like entries, memes, or fanart on FB, which is what I use lj for, so it's not really a fair comparison.

What about Twitter?
I have it but I generally don't use it a whole lot, only when something exciting is happening (ie. new Castle, new GaGa song, Delta on DWTS, etc.) and to keep up with celebs.

Do you blog on any other sites?

How often do you check in on LJ?
I don't even want to count lol. Multiple times a day, that's really all you need to know lol.

What do you rarely or never post about?

Why don’t you post about that?
Canadian politics really aren't that exciting lol. Our elections only take like a month and they just kind of happen, there's no big build up to it like in the US.

Have you ever thought about deleting your journal?

Have you ever changed your username?
Nope. I've used this username for almost everything since I was 12 years old.

Why did you choose your current username?
It's from an episode of The X-Files.

Are you taking new people on to your Friends List just now?
Yeah, I don't really have adding and non-adding periods. New friends are always welcome.

Finally, tell us the reasons why you keep an online journal.
Like I said before, I like to have somewhere I can go to rant about my life and get support from friends without worrying that the offline friends/fam involved in the situation I'm ranting about will read it.
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