fbi_woman (fbi_woman) wrote,

Feeling sorry for yourself

I think this lj is gonna turn into my rant spot lol.

One of my pet peeves that's currently been irked is people who enjoy feeling sorry for themselves. Sure, we all feel sorry for ourselves from time to time, but I mean those people who have to lament about every little thing in their lives to get attention and sympathy. Do you know how many people have far worse lives than you do? How about you suck it up, shut up, and work through it like everyone else? When I have to go do chores I dont like, like how I have to go oil tack in a minute, I don't crying to ppl about how miserable it makes me and crap, I suck it up, go downstairs, get my hands all gross, wash them, and come back to resume my normal life. Some ppl just need to learn to grow up and get over themselves, cuz the world doesn't revolve around them.


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