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Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Shy Secretive Soul

You are very shy, and social situations make you nervous and tend to exhaust you. You are most comfortable at home, in your own space, where you feel safe. You have a shaky self-esteem, and you feel uncomfortable and shy in strange social situations. The offhand comments that people make can sometimes hurt you. You rarely step up to your own defense, however. You hate confrontation and don't like to make a fuss.

You are uncomfortable discussing your feelings. You often will brush off personal questions with a shrug, a joke or even a lie, rather than confess what is really in your heart. You are especially distrustful of strangers, and you work to hide your sensitive spots from them. While you open up more with your loved ones, even your closest friends can hurt your feelings and may never even know that it happened. There are certain lines, however, that they aren't allowed to cross. When that happens, you tend to snap, and surprise everyone with the vehemence of your outburst.

You will tell white lies or avoid the whole truth in order to help keep the peace. What is the point of hurtful truths that will only make your friends and family unhappy, or that might cause a fight? This means, however, that your own feelings get hurt more, because people don't know how you really feel about it.

Your daemon would represent your shy, sensitive and somewhat distrustful nature. He or she would probably ride on your shoulder or in your pocket, and whisper comforting things in your ear.

Form suggestions:
Spider, Opossum, Lady Bug, Snake

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