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Castleland Spin-Off

My contribution to the castleland spin-off challenge. And of course, it is quite evident in it that I'm a smut peddler lol.

Castle’s writing protégé, Alex Conrad, has decided that a bro can be a muse and he’s found just the guy for the job. What he didn’t foresee was his bro muse working in an office full of flirty women. The story within the precinct may be just as captivating as the one on the streets. Procedural drama meets romantic comedy in this sexy new crime series, Love & Death.


Sean Penn as Vince Sharpe

Detective Vince Sharpe is the job. After witnessing his brother’s murder as a child, he is a driven crime-solver. In fact, he is so focused on work that he is completely oblivious to the abundant romantic advances going on around him. He is the most experienced of the group, the head of the team, and mentor to Detective Adler.

A.J. Cook as Sophie Marks

Detective Sophie Marks is a confident, ambitious, out-going woman who has quickly risen through the ranks and made her mark as homicide detective. She is as brazen in her investigation techniques as she is in her romantic pursuits, and she has her sights set on Alex as her next conquest.

Robin Tunney as Lauren Adler

Detective Lauren Adler is the rookie of the group. While she is generally shy and reserved, her mentor’s oblivion to her passionate feelings for him is slowly pushing her to up the ante on her seduction techniques. Though she is hopelessly head over heels for her superior, she can’t help but be intrigued by Alex and his obvious romantic interest in her.

Nicole Kidman as Rebecca Stern

Captain Rebecca Stern heads up the department. Despite rampant rumours that she slept her way to the top, she is a tough and skilled leader. They say that in every rumour there is a grain of truth, and Stern is no exception. It is well known throughout the precinct that she is a cougar on the prowl, and poor Alex is about to become her prey.

Daniel Craig as Clinton Downs

Dr. Clinton Downs is the resident medical examiner and, much to his relief, happily married. Being off-limits to the man-hungry women, he quickly becomes a confidant and source of advice for Alex.
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