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01 May 2008 @ 12:36 am
Abby Story - A Proposal  
For those of you that have read/been reading my Abby story (aka my novel in progress), I have a potential title and forward that I'd like your opinion on.

Ok, so, I'm really corny lol, and I like to make little ties to my idols in everything I do (including naming my pets lol) and because I didn't base any of the characters in this story around Delta Goodrem (AMAZING Aussie singer trying to break into the US market), I wanted a way to kind of give her props and help promote her. I've been picking out songs that I would want to be in the film version if I convert this to a screenplay, and I noticed that like, all of them were Delta lol and I was like okay, but then what do I do with the book to include her? So then I was listening to my CD, and I was like "hey, this would be a perfect song for during the credits" and then I remembered that I still needed a forward for my book, and a title, so I'm considering taking those from a Delta song (I'd have to get permission when the time comes obviously lol).

So I was wondering, what you all think about "Brave Face" for a title, and the following for the forward:

Feels like i'm running
With my high heels on
And they're chasing us waiting
For it to all go wrong
You're my umbrella against their
Sticks and stones
As long as we keep smiling
They'll never know
Put your brave face on

(it might not be broken up exactly like that, I just copied it from a website cuz I'm lazy lol)
(Deleted comment)