fbi_woman (fbi_woman) wrote,

The Golden Compass

I just got home from the sneak preview screening of The Golden Compass, and OMFG, can I say AMAZING?!?!? It was like, the best movie I've ever seen lol. I was in tears through basically the entire thing only because it was so incredible lol.

Dakota is like, my new hero lol. She was so Lyra, and so fantastic. OMG and Nicole was GORGEOUS of course. omg I loved her as Marisa SO much. I wanted to like, kiss the screen lol. She was so pretty and so perfect.

I wasn't entirely happy with where it ended, but eh. Everyone around me who hadn't read the books loved it and were all excited by the ending lol so I guess I was just so into it that I was like noooooo not yet!!! lol. I'll cry if they don't make the next two lol.

EEEE omg it was so amazing. I love it so much. I can't wait until Friday so I can see it again!!!
Tags: movie: golden compass

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