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GaGa in Toronto - Concert + Meet & Greet

CROSS POSTED TO thehausofgaga

For anyone not a member and unaware, I put together a fan scrapbook of letters and pictures submitted by members of thehausofgaga and ladygagafans to give to GaGa.


I'm going to split this up into 2 separate stories so whoever doesn't want to read anything about the concert (I don't think it'll be that spoilery, but just in case) can still read about the fan book.

Well, my concert experience was both good, bad, and complicated lol. So, we got there early to pick up our M&G passes and stood in line FOREVER and finally got them, and then we had to wait to be taken to the VIP restaurant thing for our little pre-show party deal and I went right to the merch table to try and buy stuff but I couldn't get to the front before I had to leave again. So anyways, they took us to the restaurant and we got free drinks and hors d'oeuvres, which was pretty fun. I got a ton of compliments on my hair bow and an AMAZING drag queen said I was fierce and it made me ridiculously happy lol (and GaGa loved my hair bow :D). They said that they were running behind scheule, so they moved our M&G to after the show, which I was a little bummed about cuz obviously I looked much nicer before the show lol but GaGa is GaGa. I'd meet her wearing a paper bag if I had to lol. So then they took us down to the floor area because we had early access.

Now, not all of you are aware of this, but I have a medical condition that makes it difficult for me to be upright for a long period of time because my blood pressure plummets (hence why I wanted to buy actually seats and not GA floor, but I wanted the M&G so I had to take the floor). And they weren't even done setting up yet, so I was sitting on the floor with a couple other girls until SPW went on, and then they reset and Kid Cudi went on, and maybe SPW's set was just really short, but Cudi's seemed so freakin long in comparison lol. Anyways, at this point there's already pushing and shoving and I'm hot and tired. So I sat back down cuz I wasn't feeling well, and I'm supposed to sit down when that happens because it helps my blood pressure go back up. And then some security guy came over and yelled at me and said I had to get up and my mom said that I needed to sit cuz of my condition and he wanted to take me out and take me to the medic, but there's nothing you can actually do to help my condition, so I said no and got in a big screaming fight with him and told him I wasn't fucking going anywhere (and at this point I'm crying cuz I'm social phobic and confrontation with ppl I don't know is REALLY hard for me, especially when like hundreds of people are watching it go down).

Time went on and on and on and on and finally I decided there was no way I'd make it through GaGa's whole set and once she came on, there would be no room to get out if I needed to. So I gave in and let my mom take me out of the floor area to go sit down and she went and got me some popcorn (cuz salt helps keep my blood pressure up too) and they didn't want me going back to the front of the floor (which sucks cuz I was in the 3rd row of ppl) but they said that if I went to the back of the floor area where it was pretty empty, I could sit down and I'd still be able to see everything. So, I was pretty upset, but they were actually right and I actually had a much better view from further back because I could see the whole stage. And I was gonna meet her anyways, so I'd be even closer to her later. There were actually quite a few people who ended up sitting on the floor at the back by the end of the show. Next time I hope they do actual floor seats.

Anyways, the show was amazing of course. And the fact that she did Fashion made me very happy lol. I didn't get to go as crazy as I would have liked, but it was nice being there with my mom, and I guess I have to start accepting that my condition is permanent and is only going to get worse until they finish testing and get me on medication. The costumes were fab. I liked the Fame Ball opening video better if I'm being honest, but overall the show was fucking unbelievable. And she started crying during speechless, and then everyone else was crying lol. Ah, I love her.

annnnd now for the M&G/fan book portion of the story.

Omg, so, after the show they took GaGa to a suite in the building and they took us over to the nearest section of concert seats and took a few of us at a time to line up outside the suite. they let us go in one at a time or in a group if we were with other people, which I LOVED because the only other M&G I've been to, they sent us in groups of 8 with ppl we didn't know and we had like 30 seconds with the person. But yeah, this M&G was awesome lol. (side note for those of you who know about the other book, she got ours first hehe)

So we were waiting in line, and a few ppl had gifts and stuff and this one security guy said we couldn't take them in but that she would get them, and he started collecting them all, and I was very upset that after $750 in tickets, $250 in scrapbook supplies, and several nights of being up past 5am to finish the book, I wasn't even going to get to give it to her myself, but then a couple min later I guess one of the other security guys gave him clearance to let us give them to her so he gave them all back. And I was very happy lol.

Oh. Em. Gee. I thought I was going to DIE walking in there lol. I was already shaking in line lol. So my mom and I went in, and she was happy to see a mother/daughter pair lol and so I gave her the book and she asked me to come sit next to her and tell her about it (and at this point she must have known I was nervous as hell cuz I was shaking like a leaf lol) so I did, and she loved it! She held my hand and flipped through the whole thing and she was like "omg I'm gonna cry!" and she said that she loves having letters to read and that it's going on the tour bus with her and she's going to start digging through it today. And she asked me to sign it for her, and I was like uhhhh... sure... lol so I did and she asked me if my phone number was on it and I said no, and she asked me to write that too and now I'm just really confused lol and she started talking about the book that's included with the super deluxe fame monster thing and she said that she wants to do more books like that and she said that sometime next year they'll probably give me a call about getting in touch with some of you guys to publish some of your stuff! So who knows if that'll pan out, but even if it doesn't, you'll know that she loved it THAT much! She said she'll cherish it forever. And she hugged me and took her sunglasses off and I almost died lol. And I brought my Flare mag for her to sign cuz the cover photo is one of my favs and it had white space where a marker would show up lol, and she wrote on it that she'll never forget her book. And then I almost cried lol and she hugged me again.

OK, SO, pictures: well, they sort of changed the picture rules from what was written in the e-mail about it, and you only got 1 picture and we didn't take them ourselves, the girl in charge of our group took it, and if you went in with a group, your group only gets one picture, and with the whole social phobia thing, there's no way I would have made it in that room without my mom pushing me through the door, so I didn't get a pic of her with it. BUT - I'm pretty sure it was still on the table when the girl took my pic with her, so hopefully my pic turns out and you'll be able to see the book in it. I won't get that pic until next week.

I did take some pictures of it before I left for the concert, but those are on my mom's digital camera and I don't have the stuff to plug it into my comp, so she took it home with her and I'll post them once my dad sends them to me. I didn't take a pic of every page, so I just flipped through and took shots of the cover, some random pages, and most of the general pages. The thing ended up being HUGE lol. I put in 3 width extenders and it still didn't really close lol.

But yeah, she absolutely loved it and is looking forward to reading all your letters, so thanks and congrats to everyone for all your gorgeous submissions and making this project happen! You all made her really happy :).

If I remember anything else, I'll edit it in. It still hasn't really sunk in that it happened lol.
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