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Ok, if you haven't seen the Castle finale yet, don't read this. If you have, please continue.

Okay, so, I don't even know where to start with this. I was really angry, and now I've kind of calmed down, but I'm still really irritated.

Why are guys so stupid? Seriously, why? How do they lack perception THAT badly? How could you NOT see where that conversation was going? Nothing about that convo sounded Beckett-like, how did he not pick up that this was something serious? And the look on her face when Gina showed up? Is he BLIND?! That was seriously close to crying for someone like her, and he was totally oblivious.

Like, ok, I get it, he doesn't know she broke up with Demming, so he's putting on this front that he's okay and he can go off and live his life, but it's not what he feels or what he wants, and when you love someone and they start THAT conversation, how do you NOT feel ridiculously hopeful about what the person is gonna say? If that were me, Gina be damned, I'd drag Beckett off into another room and finish that freakin conversation. I mean really, have a good summer? That was like the lamest line EVER, how did he not realize that's not what she was gonna say?

The thing that bothers me most is that it was so much work to get them both to realize that they actually felt something real, and now this is gonna set them waaaaaaay back. She's not the kind of person who's gonna make herself that vulnerable again any time soon, and he's a stupid douchebag who doesn't even know how badly he just fucked up.

And how does this show always trick me into thinking one thing and then totally turn it around on me? Never in a million years did I think Beckett would be the one to make the move. I couldn't picture anything but him coming clean and her having to choose, and instead she was ready to go there and he didn't see it and left with someone else. Like, what the hell?

So, I have decided that in my frustration, I am going to write my first Castle fic tomorrow. Possibly two if I can finish both. I have 2 ideas of ways to make him come back lol. And I might make a Castle fanmix. I've been collecting a list of songs I want to make fanvids for but since it's gonna take me a while to get through them all, maybe I'll put them together in a fanmix so I can share my shipper songs sooner.
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