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Wake Up Call - Chapter 1

Title: Wake Up Call

Author: fbi-woman

Rating: K+ for now for language. May go up later.

Type: Castle, Caskett

Spoilers: Definitely watch the finale first. Or this makes absolutely no sense.

Disclaimer: Sadly they’re not mine. If they were, last night would have gone quite differently lol.

Summary: It’s what best friends are for.

A/N: So, after last night, I was pretty pissed, as I imagine a lot of people were lol and I decided that someone needed to tear Castle a new one for being so dense. And I thought one person in particular was the most likely to do so lol. This is my first Castle fic, so I hope it’s okay.


Lanie glanced over at her best friend, whose head currently rested on the passenger window of her car with a blank expression across her face. If she was being honest with herself, she was worried about Kate. Not a word had been spoken since she climbed inside the car. Not that she had said much at all after Castle left.

They had all watched from the window as Castle walked away, leaving a shaken Beckett behind. It was like witnessing a plane crash; you see it going down in flames but it’s too late to stop it and now you can only look on in horror.

As soon as he was out of sight, they all scrambled back to their seats before Kate caught them. After several minutes the door opened and she returned, donning a forced smile and trying unsuccessfully to restart the party. It quickly became painfully obvious that they knew. And she knew they knew. Silence descended on the room and lingered on for what felt like an eternity. Eventually they got up, one by one, offering an unnecessary excuse as they trickled out until it was just Kate and Lanie left.

Lanie had regarded her shell-shocked friend quietly while Kate continued to stare at her drink, just as she had done since she sat back down. Not actually drinking it, just staring, as if it had a fascinating story to tell. She knew Kate would have sat there all night if she let her.

Nervously she had cleared her throat. “Hey, why don’t we go pick up some ice cream and have a movie night? It’s been too long since our last movie marathon.”

Kate never looked up. “I just want to be alone for a bit. You don’t have to stay. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Aren’t you off for the weekend?”

“Yeah, but I might as well come in since I’ve got no where else to be.”

“That’s it. We are officially having movie night, whether you like or not. You are going to get in the car, I’m going to stop at the store and get an obscene amount of strawberry ice cream, and then we’re going to stay up all night eating junk and watching bad movies.”

“I really don’t –“

“I wasn’t asking.”

With a heavy sigh, Kate had reluctantly left the table and followed her to the car, where they now sat in stifling silence. She came to a stop in front of Kate’s building and wasted no time opening the door and hauling her friend out of the car. When she didn’t put up a fight, it worried Lanie even more. She had never seen Kate quite this listless. She had her work cut out for her if she wanted to get a play-by-play of the night’s events.


It wasn’t until the first movie ended and Lanie got up to change the DVD that Kate spoke. Her voice was so quiet that she scarcely heard it.

“I broke up with Tom.”

She turned around, but Kate’s eyes were focused on the half melted pile of ice cream she was poking at with her spoon. “When?”


Oh boy. She opened her mouth to reply but Kate cut her off.

“You know, I knew this would happen. That’s why I tried so hard to avoid going down that road. But I couldn’t do it. You saw it. You told me, and I didn’t believe you. Esposito saw it, and even the captain saw it. Everyone saw it but me, because I didn’t want to, and by the time I did, I was too late.” For the first time since Castle left, Kate lifted her gaze to meet her friend’s eyes. “I was going to tell him, Lanie. I was standing there, pouring my goddamn heart out in whatever stupid, screwed up way I can, and I’m seconds away from saying it, and then…” Her lower lip trembled and she quickly turned away.

“I’m so sorry.” It came out as a whisper, though she didn’t intend it to be.

“This is exactly what I was afraid of; that he would lose interest and go to someone else. “

“Honey, that’s not what he’s doing. You have to know that. He thinks you’re with someone else, that he has to let go of you and move on.”

She scoffed. “Sure, go ahead and defend him. You always do.”

“What are you talking about? Kate, I’m always on your side. I’m not trying to defend him, I’m just saying, I can see where he’s coming from. Maybe you shouldn’t write him off just yet.” The minute the words fell from her lips, Kate snapped.

“I don’t care where he’s coming from! He shoved his way into my life and made me fall for him and then he left with his ex-wife! That’s what I care about. That’s all that matters now. He’s with her, and I’m stupid for thinking we could work. I could have been happy, you know? Tom was a great guy, I liked him, we had a lot in common, but no, I threw it all away for Castle and just like that, he’s gone.”

Her reply was hesitant, afraid of fuelling the fire any further. “He’d come back in a heartbeat if you asked him to.”

“I don’t need any more pity. I got more than enough from the looks on all your faces tonight.”

“Kate – ”

“Don’t, okay? Just don’t!” She knew the unshed tears were spilling over and she was practically screaming now but her body had stopped listening to the rational part of her brain quite some time ago.

They faced off in silence for several minutes before Kate turned on her heel and retreated to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Lanie sighed heavily and cleared the forgotten bowls of ice cream before making up the couch for herself. She still had no intention of leaving her girl alone, no matter what. She was almost asleep when a faint sound caught her attention. She listened intently for a minute, beginning to doubt if she really heard anything at all, and then she heard it again. Her heart twisted painfully when she realized the sound was the muffled sobs of her best friend. Kate Beckett was not the kind of woman who cried over a man. But it wasn’t just any man this time.

As quietly as she could, she tiptoed her way to Kate’s room, opening the door slowly to find her curled up in bed, clutching a copy of Heat Wave to her chest. Without a word, Lanie gently sat down beside her, feeling the slight flinch of her body when she realized she was no longer alone. She made a meager attempt to suppress the onslaught of pent up emotion but the floodgates had been opened and she was rendered powerless. Lanie softly stroked her hair until sleep claimed her, silencing her tears though they continued to fall long afterwards.


When Lanie woke the next morning, the sun was already streaming through the windows and the clock read 11:03am. She couldn’t remember the last time she slept this late. There was no sign of life in the apartment. No coffee had been made, there wasn’t a television on, there was no running water in the shower. Nothing.

Kate’s door was still ajar from when she’d slipped out late last night to go back to the couch.

She peered inside, “Kate?”


Stepping further into the room, she saw Kate lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling. She seemed to be doing that a lot: just staring aimlessly. “How long have you been awake?”

“Does it matter?”

“I guess not. You want some coffee?”


No coffee? Good lord writer boy had done a number on her. “How about breakfast? I can go pick something up if you want.”

“I’m not hungry.”

She sighed. “Alright, let me know if you change your mind.”

Closing the door behind her, she trudged back to the couch. She hated seeing Kate this way, but short of time travel she hadn’t a clue how to fix this. He had broken Kate Beckett.

She knew Kate would hate her for doing it, but she couldn’t stop herself. She pulled out her cell phone and scrolled through her address book until she came across Castle’s name. Though her conscience told her she should wait, that she shouldn’t do this while she was upset, but nevertheless her finger pressed the call button.


A/N: I had put something to this effect on ff.net and as an after thought I decided to include the note here as well. I feel like Kate may seem OOC to some people so I want to explain how I see Kate at this point. I am very much like Kate (even my therapist commented on that this morning during my rant about the finale lol) and I was in a similar situation once where I fell for someone and finally admitted it to them, and I thought they wanted me too, and then they picked another girl and went off together like I was never there. And in all honesty, I wanted to kill myself. My mom sat up with me all night cuz she was scared. I don't trust people easily, and I don't let people in, especially not men and especially romantically, and this person was a friend that I did trust and I never thought he would do that to me, and it was devastating. So this is sort of a dramatically toned down version of what I went through. I know she's tougher than me and I know she wouldn't fall apart as much as I did, but when you're someone who has a hard time making yourself that vulnerable to someone you trust and you basically get a kick in the teeth when you do it, it's hard to recover from.

Just a little insight from a little part of my emotional wreckage lol.

TBC. Reviews? ♥



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