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03 September 2010 @ 11:41 pm
Title: Unspoken

Author: fbi-woman

Rating: K

Type: Castle, Caskett, angst

Spoilers: Definitely watch the finale first. Or this makes absolutely no sense.

Disclaimer: Sadly they’re not mine. If they were, the season 2 finale would have gone quite differently lol.

Summary: 100 word drabble on the last couple minutes of the season 2 finale. Beckett POV. My first ever drabble.

A/N: So, I wrote this for a little contest on lj, and the requirement was that it be written in second person. So it is. It's my first ever attempt at a drabble and in all honesty, I don't like the result at all. I'm not very proud of it, but I thought I might as well share just in case someone else might like it.


From a burst bubble of hope, your heart sinks to the floor; silently falling to pieces on the way. Coiffed blonde tresses and matching smiles have set your world askew, and you frantically try to find your feet under the watchful eyes behind the glass. You look to your friend, willing him to understand, but he doesn't see the unshed tears in your eyes. This moment was unforeseen. It never even crossed your mind. And yet you know deep down that it was only a matter of time. Your words have come too late, and now they will go unheard.
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