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Hello Stanatics!

nicole_nut and I have been planning a fan project for quite a while and we are now ready to accept submissions!

The project will be a fan scrapbook for Stana and will be a Christmas/New Years gift, so feel free to include holiday things. You can write a letter, send in a Stana or Castle related picture of you or that you’ve taken, send in a scanned drawing or other form of art, original poetry, or all of the above: it’s up to you. We do ask that you include your name (just first name and last initial is fine), age, and where you’re from. If you’re not comfortable sharing this information, we understand and you can just omit it. We will not share photos or personal messages so your privacy will be protected.

We already have some really awesome ideas and materials ready to go for the book, so all we need now is the ‘fan’ part!

The deadline for submissions is NOVEMBER 15, 2010. Please have them in on time!

Send your submissions to: stana.scrapbook@hotmail.com

Questions or concerns? Send either one of us a PM and we will get back to you ASAP.
Tags: celeb: stana katic, fan book

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