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I think we all saw this elimination coming. Just too commercial. And I think she kind of shot herself in the foot by 'preparing herself in case she goes home'. I prolly would have done that too lol but maybe that's why I don't win many things lol.

I usually love when they do go sees but this one was so anticlimactic cuz only Chelsea made it to more than one... and she only got to 2 lol. I mean, 4 hours for 4 go sees when none of them are very close to each other kind of set them up to fail, but 1/4 go sees is a pretty epic fail.

I think Jane is the next to go. After that, I don't know. I really want Kayla to win though.


Ok, am I the only one who thinks that cheertown kind of overreacted? Maybe I'm just weird, but I wouldn't have expected her to clear the air about who she had sex with 5 years ago to her new roommate and boyfriend, and come on Savannah, you were FLIPPING OUT on her about her and Dan - like hell is she gonna tell you her first time was with him after THAT. And she never actually ASKED who was her first either, so she didn't outright lie, she just left that part out. Lying by omission is at least a little better than outright lying.

And I think I would have cracked and told my mom about Char if I was Savannah. If my mom came to me worried about my sister, I don't think I could lie to her about something that serious. And man is her old cheer squad bitchy lol.

Annnnnnd I totally want Marti and Dan together, but that's gonna be awfully complicated to accomplish now lol.

I missed the preview for next week though cuz I was watching the FEI World Cup grand prix on the Royal's livestream lol so does anyone know what happened in it?
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