fbi_woman (fbi_woman) wrote,

Drabble: Rain (Castle)

Little 200 word drabble I wrote for castleland. Prompt was "rain". Caskett, G, no spoilers. I don't own anything and am not affiliated with anything related to Castle or ABC lol.

Kate Beckett had always loved the rain. When she was little, her mother would make hot chocolate when it stormed and they would sit by the window, wrapped in a blanket, and just watch it fall. It was one of few rituals that she held onto, though she rarely had the luxury of time to sit still. Today, however, was one of the rare occasions when she did. So there she sat, mug in hand and blanket draped over her shoulders, watching as the city continued its mad rush despite the downpour. People passed with umbrellas, dashed between buildings, and darted out into the street to hail a cab. It was during the latter scenario when she spotted a familiar figure climbing out of a taxi and jogging towards her building. She hadn’t given him her new address but she wasn’t surprised he’d found her; he ‘had a guy everywhere’, after all. Though she was expecting it, she still jumped when the knock on her door shattering the peaceful silence around her. He was dripping wet when she opened the door, and though she opened her mouth to question his visit, he effectively silenced her when his lips met hers.
Tags: fanfiction: castle

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