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Castle: A to Z

So, I've decided to steal this idea from floatingamoeba, because it occurred to me tonight that most of my horsey stuff is done for the time being and I currently have nothing to do with myself. Soon the next rounds of 20in20s will start and I'll have icons to make, but then I'll be back in the same boat by the 20th. So I need something else to help occupy my time.

I'm sure you can all guess how it works; I put up the letters A to Z and you comment with a prompt for one of the letters and once I have a prompt for each one, I start writing the fics for each letter. Right now I'm gonna limit you to 4 each, just because I'm not sure how many people are actually going to put forth ideas. You don't have to do 4, just however many you want with a max of 4... which I'll probably end up changing later since probably only a couple people will read this and comment lol.

I only have 7 letters left to go and need something to do lol so y'all get one more ;)

All fics will probably be Caskett, so sorry everyone who ships other stuff lol. That's really the only ship I feel strongly about so it's the only one I can write. That doesn't mean, however, that other characters can't make an appearance ;).

So if you have any additional parameters (ex. a character you want to see, a particular situation, post-ep, etc.) feel free to include them and I'll do the best I can to work them in. In regards to rating, I feel a little weird writing smut since I have no actual experience to draw from lol, but I can try if that's something central to your prompt... aka, I will if you REALLY want me to, but don't be asking me to make them all M rated lol (yes floatingamoeba, I'm aware of how hypocritical that is given that I always add that parameter for you :P).

A - is for Always, rocketgirl2
B - is for Baby, nicole_nut
C - is for Club nicole_nut
D - is for Dream, nicole_nut
E - is for Entertainment, rocketgirl2
F - is for Fantasy, floatingamoeba
G - is for Gun, greyslostwho
H - is for Hold On, lizetm
I - is for Insomnia, greyslostwho
J - is for Jail, floatingamoeba
K - is for Kidnapped, nicole_nut
L - is for Late night phone call, nickeldreams
M - is for Mother, greyslostwho
N - is for Never Again, floatingamoeba
O - is for Once, nickeldreams
P - is for Pancakes, reema_patel
Q - is for Question, floatingamoeba
R - is for Rumours, lizetm
S - is for Secret, nickeldreams
T - is for Trial, floatingamoeba
U - is for Undercover, nicole_nut
V - is for Vicious, lizetm
W - is for "What do you want from me?", floatingamoeba
X - is for XXX, lizetm
Y - is for You're The One, nicole_nut
Z - is for Zero, floatingamoeba
Tags: fanfiction: castle a to z

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