I'm gonna marry the night. I'm not gonna cry anymore.

15 July 1988
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{this is me}
☆ Name: Kelly
☆ Age: 23
☆ Little Monster
☆ Singer
☆ Writer
☆ Tortured artist
☆ Horseback rider
☆ Braider and aspiring horse/pony trainer

{what i love}
☆ My inspirations: GaGa and Delta
☆ My few friends
☆ My pets: Gracie and Rosy (cats), Sydney and Cleo (dogs)
☆ My ponies/horses: Kelpie, Sonny, Reese, LuLu and Socks

☆ Music: Lady GaGa, Delta Goodrem, Brian McFadden, Alexz Johnson, Keith Urban
☆ TV: Castle, Criminal Minds, Rizzoli & Isles, The Mentalist, Cold Case, ANTM, Ghost Hunters, Family Guy, the Simpsons, the X-Files
☆ Movies: The Interpreter, The Golden Compass, Fur, And Never Let Her Go, Hating Alison Ashley, Shut Up and Sing, Bewitched, Moonstruck, Mermaids
☆ Books: Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, Need, Headhunters, Heat Wave, His Dark Materials
☆ Actors: Nicole Kidman, Stana Katic, Delta Goodrem, Kathryn Morris, Paget Brewster, Daniel Craig
☆Ships: Castle/Beckett (Castle), Hotch/Prentiss (Criminal Minds), Lilly/Scotty (Cold Case), Mulder/Scully (The X-Files), Silvia/Tobin (the Interpreter), Marisa/Asriel (His Dark Materials/The Golden Compass)
☆ Hobbies: Photography, fanfiction, making icons, scrapbooking, assistant coaching cheerleading, dreaming

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