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Quick Note

I'm home from Hartford!

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on everyone's entries, the internet at the hotel was possibly the slowest internet I've ever used in my entire life lol. It took me 40 minutes to get on facebook this morning... like, just the home page lol. Posting those icons yesterday was a 2 hour affair. So yeah, I'm trying to get caught up now.

My Hartford excursion is quite the story but as you can imagine, I have a shitload of internet stuff to catch up on so I'll post about that maybe tomorrow.
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Someone tell me what part of this sounds like a good idea: let's take a girl who naturally has dangerously low blood pressure, make her fast so she's dehydrated, has low blood sugar, and can't take her blood pressure medication (cuz it has to be taken with food), wake her up 2 hours earlier than normal, and take a shitload of blood. Really? REALLY? I almost passed out on the way back to my car! I get blood taken all the freaking time and have never had a problem before, but I have low blood volume and pressure, you can't take a ton of blood from me first thing in the morning without taking my meds and think I won't fall over.

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Randomness + LJ Meme

1. So I went back to brunette today. Not happy, but I couldn't afford blonde anymore. I just feel weird with dark hair. I feel like it looks fake on me cuz I'm so pale. My mom says I look too washed out when I'm blonde, but most naturally blonde people are fair, so I feel like it makes me look normal, where I feel like I look sick or something with dark hair because it makes me look unnaturally pale. She only used semi-permanent colour though so that it'll fade out some, cuz she knew I didn't want it very dark.

2. Last night was epic fangirl overload. At the end of DWTS I spazzed when they said Delta's name, and then Castle was starting and I spazzed about that, and then Born This Way started playing and I died lol. My 3 favourite things in a span of like 30 seconds, it was too much for my little fangirl brain. I was literally physically shaking I was so excited lol.

3. DELTA ON DWTS NOW!!!! *dies* omg so excited. The duet was gorgeous. She stood in for Adele on one song at the last minute too so YAY!!! She's so cute lol I love her. God I wish DWTS filmed in NYC so I could be there to cheer her on. I miss her so much. It's so good to see her on American TV again though!!! I miss her so much ♥. I can't believe it's been 1 1/2 years since I saw her in person and 2 1/2 years since I last hugged her and spoke to her face to face.

4. LJ based meme:

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*le sigh* Nothing can ever work out how I want it to. I really want the people who have my pony on trial right now to buy him, I think it's the best place for him at this point in his career, and for some reason he's being weird. I keep hearing that he's being wild and I can't imagine that; I mean, this is THE quietest greenie I've ever sat on or even laid eyes on. He's a kick-and-go pony, even when he's a little fresh he's not like crazy, so I don't know what's going on. I keep getting so close to selling him and then something happens and the people back out. But it's never been anything he did that stopped anyone from buying him, so I'm having a hard time accepting that he's not being his perfect little self. I wish he knew how important it was for him to settle down and behave.

In other, less depressing news, I finally got time to start watching my Criminal Minds dvds. I watched the first disc of season 1 last night and have realized a few things:
1. I've seen more early eps than I thought I had
2. Reid is my awkwardly adorable soulmate
3. Reid and JJ are the cutest thing ever
4. I actually like Elle in the beginning
5. Gideon has this weird facial expression that creeps me out
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I need your help one more time lol.

Which of these (if any) would be most "GaGa" with the last outfit I posted?

Personally, I think I like the 2nd one or the last one. I like the feathers, but I'm allergic to down so I'm worried they might get itchy after a while.
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Monster Ball Outfit

Okay, so, I looked into my outfit finalists a little more and discovered that what I thought was a dress was actually 3 separate pieces and ended up being $100 more than I expected, and the second most popular choice was the top and skirt, and the top is out of stock now.


I found a dress with an additional corset piece that makes it sort of in the same style as the most popular outfit and solves my concern about the skirt length.

So what does everyone think of....

this dress/corset belt ruffle

with this jacket

and my pleaser boots with my studded bag and the simple blonde wig I posted before?

Acceptable or not good enough to pull off candid GaGa?
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Even if you're not a little monster, you're welcome to help lol but you may not be interested :P.

I'm starting to piece together my outfit for the next Monster Ball show here in March and I'm having some trouble deciding what to wear, I could really use some opinions.

I'm definitely going to wear my 8" pleaser boots again (dear GOD I hope it's not snowy and icy) and will likely carry the same studded purse.

That's about the only part I've decided on lol. I've been poking around and found a few things I like so I wanna know which ones you like better out of my finalists.

DRESS #2 - very similar to Dress #1, my only concern is that if it's knee length on the model, it's going to be longer on me and a skirt that tight and long will be hard to get around in, and the 8" heels make walking enough of a skill lol.
TOP and SKIRT - only concern here is that it might give me a bit of a muffin top lol and idk where GaGa finds fishnets for short people cuz whenever I buy any hosiery, it comes up to my boobs lol.

Then for outerwear, because let's face it - it's March in Canada, I like these two jackets:

JACKET #2 - I like this one best, but it's $180 and the other is only $105 so I'm debating if it's more GaGa-ish enough to be worth the extra $75. Thoughts? And yes, I know, I could go get a cheapy one and stud it myself, but I'm a perfectionist and will never be satisfied with something I make myself. I would rather be in debt for 2 months lol.

And then for a wig, I was thinking maybe I'd just get a simple longer blonde one like THIS (pic taken Nov 18). I'd wear the same one as before but she hasn't been wearing the electroblonde one offstage lately, and part of the fun of the whole thing is being GaGa sized and dressed like offstage GaGa so the non-hardcore fans freak out when they see you lol. Yeah, I'm evil like that. But y'all knew that already :P. And there's no way I could cram all my hair up under a wig as short as the little bob one she's been wearing.

So which ones do you guys like, if any?

And Toronto ppl, I'm trying to decide on hotel dates - do you think she'll get here day of or day before? I'm thinking day of, but I don't know her hotel patterns that well.

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